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The work of the last years-2019-2021 brought a number of fundamentally new results.

With the help of the new software, it was possible to implement the processing of the IP data with obtaining reliable results comparable to the seismic survey materials. Below are a number of new results.

First of all, it is worth noting the identification of reef objects in the carbonate section, using examples obtained in the Volga region (Russia) and Sichuan Province (China) Figures 1 and 2. The results of the re-processing of the TEM data within the Sea of Azov are very convincing view example >> .

HRES operations have been successfully completed in transition zone of the North Caspian Sea.

The HRES (High Resolution Electrical Survey) Technology testing program was conducted in complex  conditions of extremely shallow waters of the North Caspian. About two hundreds kilometers survey was completed successfully in 3Q2011. Operations were carried out at the same time with 2D seismic survey (PGS-Khazar) on lines crossing the location of drilled wells and targets identified by seismic.

The obtained results allowed the Clients to evaluate prospects of maim plays and leads   and specify the exploration program.

HRES study will be continued next year in order to determine the optimal points for exploratory wells locating.

Soliton Ltd experience confirms that the integration two independent Operationss as seismic  and  HRES   increases the drilling success ratio up to 70-75%.

Five projects on Lukoil   contract blocks in Volgograd region have been completed.

As a result of integrated  HRES  survey 47 anomalous objects were detected on the study areas. They are associated with  anticline structures and in alluvial fans zone.  An extensive detail study of local anomalies are recommended.

Based on integrated interpretation of HRES anomalies and seismic data a possible presence of prospective targets – carbonate buildups were detected in the area. Recommendations on exploratory wells location are designed.

Soliton LLC technologies enter the international market

Geophysical operations using the HRES technology (Soliton Ltd) were initiated in the Province of Alberta (Canada) in November 2011.

Testing of this technology on the proven oil fields  and in areas with extremely difficult  surface  conditions   of the North Canada are planned.


For the first time, work was carried out on the identification of frozen rock zones in the Kara Sea

more detailed >>.

Soliton-DMIGE Consortium has completed two big projects in the South China Sea

Over 7000 km of  lines were completed using the HRES Operations ( designed by Soliton llp) for deep-water  conditions) during 2010 - 2011. The results of HRES prognosis allowed customers to correct the drilling program in time and obtain commercial oil flows in all four wells drilled.

Continued HRES operations next year will allow the customer to specify their program for development of license areas.

The Final Report  of marine-electric survey studies on the Vietnam continental shelf was approved.

The Technical committee of  "Vietgazprom" JV has approved  the Report on the results of marine electrical survey   at blocks 129-132 on the Vietnam continental shelf. The Report was presented by the "DMIGE Soliton" Consortium in September 22.

The meeting was attended by experts from Vietgazprom CRS, PetroVietnam CDG, Gazprom Zarubezhneftegaz JSC, Corporation for oil and gas exploration and production (PVEP).

It was mentioned that all geological tasks were completed in full.

Ranking of local structures according to their prospectivity was made. Vietgazprom plans to use obtained HREM data to select sites for exploratory wells drilling on the 129-132 blocks.

Integration of Electrical and seismic surveys data reduces drilling risks

Analysis of   Soliton ltd operations results for the period from 2006 to 2011 confirms an increasing  the success rate for oil and gas wells drilling  up to 85% compared to 62% over the previous five years.

Using IP Operations, China National Petroleum Corp. (CNPC) has achieved a driling sucess rate as 73% (based on 65 wells).

The Director General of Hydrocarbons for India recently presented a case study showing a material improvement in offshore India discovery rates, from the 20% level to more than 50%. He attributed this increase to an improvement in the geological understanding of the subsurface and the continued use of [EM] survey technology.


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