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SOLITON Ltd technology supports each stage of petroleum operations, from survey design and data acquisition to processing, interpretation and drilling decision made.

Main advantages:

Integration of EM data with 2D/3D seismic data and other geophysical - geological information is a principal approach.

Detection of hydrocarbons indicators a in early exploration stage allow to evaluate leads and prospects over large areas.

De-risk a portfolio of prospects in an exploration lease. The EM information, integrated with seismic data, provides valuable input to the ranking of prospects - prior to selection priority drilling targets.

Helps to reduce the number of appraisal wells drilled, thereby producing significant cost and time savings.


Safety and environment friendly. Allows to operate in highly sensitive and protected environmental conditions like national parks, nature reserve area, breeding bottoms in the North Caspian sea, agricultural and industrial areas, harbors etc.


Provide high value of profitability due to easy access to study area in complex surface environments (shallow water, transit zone, marshes, swamps, mountains).




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Computing Hardware


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