The company provides High Resolution EM surveys using a wide range of modern instruments which fully meet our clients’ needs. Our equipment is regularly maintained and upgraded to perform reliably under demanding field conditions. A variety of arrays and equipment are available to suit particular targets and conditions.


Field Equipment

1. Multi-channel Receivers

2. Transmitters

3. GPS Receivers & Total Stations

4. AC Generators

5. Communication & positioning devices

6. Vehicles




Digital Recorder  TELSS-3-E

Certificate № ССГП 01.1.1.-192

Main technical characteristics

1. Number of channels- 3

2. Pass-band- 0-10 000 Hz

3. Measurement limit – 0.1 µV- 10V

4. Main error less than 0.5% for every measure

5. Impedance of channel not less than 800 KOhm

6. Spectral density of intrinsic noises  less than 20nV

7. Number of bins in analog-digital convertor – 32


Manufacturer, LLC “GEOSIGNAL 2010

Register length of ADC, byte         32

Bandwidth, dB 130

Gain coefficient of pre-gaining, dB 0;12;24;36;48

Sampling interval, msp; 0,25;0,5;1;2;4;8;16

Maximal recording length, samples per channel 16384

Noise level, reduced to port in pass-band 0-125 Hz, µV; 0,08

Nonlinear distortion coefficient,0,0005

Channels mutual coupling, dB 1130

In-phase signal elimination coefficient, dB 120

Power system: electric storage battery, V 12

Operational environment, Co         -40 - +70

Weight, kg     1,9

Overall size, mm      235,192,111

Sample format        Binary, I4




Receiver cable specification

Receiver cable type Cable GPSMPO 2 x 1.00,G

graphite-plastic EM field sensors

Symmetrical array length M1N1,  300 m

Dipole array length M2N2, 1600 m

Nearest channel offset, 250 m

Farther channel offset, 1550 m

MN interval 100 m

Channel per cable,. 1 q

Whole channels,. 3 q

Wire, 29.3 Ohm/km 

Vessels and Vehicles

Research Vessels

Ship title:              TRIAS

Call sign:               UBNB

Classification:       KM*Ice3 1 Special

Purpose:                Drilling Ship

Length x width x draught 71,4 m x 16,0 m x 4.5m

Displacement                    2 559 GRT

Tonnage                            837 ton

Cruising speed                  9 knots

Self-contain      35 days

Human capacity    50 quarters



Cars and Vehicles



Length, beam, draft 49,3 m x 18,2 m x 2,15 m

Gross tonnage  915 GRT

Deadweight   166 t

Main engines 2 x 6AL 20/24

Cruising speed 10 knots

Range at cruising speed  200 nautical miles

Fresh water capacity  140 t

 Cruising range  30 days


Special source wrench

Gearing    electrical

Length, m 2000

Diameter, mm   9.3

Cable   GPSMPO

Connective cable    Cupreous, area of solo wire cut not less than 50 mm2  

Out-board cable     Geoelectric cable:

Source cable – 500 meters. Cupreous. Area of cut 36 mm2. Tensile load 500 kg.

Source cable “zero”- two pieces 30 meters length. Same wire.



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