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Geography of Opeations

Soliton Ltd has carried out integrated Electromagnetic surveys worldwide in different climate and surface conditions

An advantage of Soliton Ltd HREM technique is a high feasibility and production rate for operations in complex environments such as:

- tranzit zone

- extremely shallow water

- marshes and rise paddy

- river delta and likes

- mountains

- forests and parks

- urban areas

- protected areas

Soliton technology is entirely environmentally passive.

Our equipment requires minimal land use and is highly flexible in its location, needing little more than access by foot and no heavy site machinery.

The environment clean effect is approved by State certificates of Authorized body of Russia Federation  as for marine as land operations.

This feature allows an easy access to highly  protected terrains: National parks, water areas of the Northern Caspian sea.

During last ten years we operates in various offshore areas:

Black sea (Russia and Ukraine)

Caspian sea (Russia, Kazakhstan)

Barents sea (Russia)

Pacific ocean

Indian ocean

Azov sea










Shelf and Tranzit zone:  N-W Black sea, N-E Black sea, Azov sea, Kerch- Taman, N.Caspian, Arctic seas, rivers, lakes

Land: China, UAE, Syria, Kazakhstan, Volgograd district, Kuban region, Caucasus, Ukraine, Siberia

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